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...creation-studies tests contain questions like "True or False: Noah's Ark was large enough to carry various kinds of dinosaurs." (If you're curious, the answer is True; according to my professor, since dinosaurs and humans cohabited the earth after the Flood, they would have had to find a way to squeeze onto the Ark. He suggested they might have been teenage dinosaurs so they'd have taken up less space.)

-- Kevin Roose, Brown '09, in his Brown Alumni Monthly article about his semester undercover at Liberty University (Falwell's so-called "Bible Boot Camp").

Apparently he actually found the students to be relatively "normal", but for my money, this professor is totally insane.

Note that I am usually very lazy and busy and thus don't actually have time or energy to read most of the articles in the BAM, I just skip to the Class Notes and skim for names I recognize. However, Yahoo had an abridged version of this same article, so I had to go read the whole original piece because it was the cover story this month.

My other favorite quote,

Even while interviewing Falwell, I remember thinking that complimenting the grandfathering skills of a guy who blamed 9/11 on feminists and homosexuals was a lot like complimenting the builders of the Death Star for their metalwork: even if true, it was sort of beside the point.
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One rabbit or many? What do you believe? What do kids believe?

Does the Easter Bunny deliver all those eggs all by itself, in one time-space-continuum-defying night of herculean work, or is there a bevy of bunny helpers, a whole warren full of helpful little paws?

Similarly, is Santa also physics-defying, or does he just have lots of Elf helpers?

If the prevailing societal myth in both cases is actually the Lone Faster Than Light Rabbit/Santa, which of the two myths stays believable longer, for children? If one topples, does the other then automatically fall as well?

These are some thoughts I had today whilst hop-staggering down the hall to deliver only half a dozen small eggs. The bunny has some stamina! (I know I don't.)

Also, P.S., this is the perfect weekend (other than Halloween) for re-watching "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit". I'm just saying.
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Predictable but hilarious rabbit item, call Monty Python and tell them sorry about the plagiarism. :-)
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Gay marriage legalized in Vermont. The vote in the House was 100-49, which I thought meant some last-minute scrounging for a very few votes, and indeed, the story behind four of those five votes is quite fascinating. I love the guy who changed his vote from "I am a Catholic and have to vote against gay marriage" to "I am pissed off at being dissed by the governor so nyeh, diss ya back!"

And it's very moving to see how they got that very last vote, the good old-fashioned way, people calling their legislators. “Many supporters – mostly straight and many not historically political – have stepped up to the plate,” Robinson said. That just about makes me cry.

So soon after the Iowa victory, this is such good news.

And check it out, D.C. Council Votes to Recognize Other States' Gay Marriages. That's enough to make me want to move, in spite of the expense. WOW. That would mean our Massachusetts marriage license would be recognized. That's just amazing. With the District's relative disenfranchisement (not having Representation in Congress), and with the stupid federal DOMA still in effect, I wonder what the tangible benefits would be? Just not being in Virginia, which is so actively hateful toward gay people, would certainly be one tangible effect.

Now of course I'm wondering about Rhode Island, which I consider my home state. This New York Times article has some things to say about Rhode Island, including, Advocates of same-sex marriage in Rhode Island said they were aiming for legislative approval in 2011. That is when Gov. Donald L. Carcieri, a Republican who is against same-sex marriage, will leave office because of term limits.

Furthermore, the legislative landscape in Rhode Island has changed a lot since the last time around, and according to [ profile] kerri9494, there are a lot of interesting candidates for governor in 2011, including Lincoln Chafee, who is so much more liberal than Carcieri, it's dizzying.

All of this definitely makes the whole Prop. 8 thing less horrifying.
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This will be just as funny as the Star Wars episode.
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Tell the President to allow same-sex partners of federal employees to receive health benefits.

The timing of this is really interesting, especially in light of the recently-launched GLAD case.

It's also possibly an opportunity to start moving on the DOMA issue a lot sooner than even Barney Frank estimated in this recent interview. Of course what that also means is increased and vociferous Bible-thumping on the part of the right wing.
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I am sure most of you have already seen This is Why You're Fat, but if not, well ... check out the Krispy Kreme bacon cheeseburgers currently on page 11 (yes, the link will quickly break) and the Bacon Cheese Pizza Burger currently on page 5. The excesses are shocking.
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In Another Angle on Media Bias, Shawn Zeller of the Congressional Quarterly writes about studies showing that the liberal media bias accusation is a myth, and that in fact the opposite is true.

This is about "image bytes" and body language and the relative merits of flattering or un-flattering camera angles. I'm not sure I buy all those as assumptions, but it's interesting food for thought.
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Joss answers fan questions on Whedonesque. (I love that he loves Anne/Chantarelle. She's such an interesting character.) Also, "I might have accidentally shipped" -- hahaha. I'm looking forward to Dollhouse but mostly because I am shallow and enjoy looking at Eliza Dushku.

Also thanks to [ profile] kerri9494 for this Stephen Colbert interview with professor of Oceanography Robert Ballard. Seriously cool, fascinating, educational, and funny all at the same time.

Also, Anthony Stewart Head's new show sounds VERY interesting.
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Via a plurk friend: Not honourable! And he didn't even steal any prune juice, the warrior's drink.


Jan. 16th, 2009 09:33 am
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1. Last night on the way from the office to the Metro, I walked past a brand new double row of port-a-potties. This makes me glad I've decided not to attend the inauguration.

2. Today is the coldest day so far this year. They said it was 8 degrees Fahrenheit. Brrrr.

3. Have you tried adding golden roasted flax seeds to food? Yum. The aroma alone is amazing.

4. Battlestar tonight. I miss Stargate already, but this should certainly be interesting.

5. I am so weak that cute overload slays me. Little tiny hands, little tiny carrot.
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If you'd like a famous chicken and rabbit holiday card and you haven't already done so, please comment on my wife's entry:

Thank you very much!
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You've seen Prop 8, the musical, right? If not, do! Thanks to [ profile] kerri9494 for the link!


Nov. 22nd, 2008 02:19 pm
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A hilarious review of the Twilight movie.

Yes, I'm still going to go see it, with really low expectations. Snakes on a Plane, indeed.

39 forever

Nov. 19th, 2008 08:58 pm
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What a lovely birthday! My wife [ profile] bunnyohare made the most delicious dinner for me!

The Perfect Peach Tart

That was the lovely peach tart she made for the dessert.

Here are the rest of the delicious pictures.

The tart was very peach melba-like, with raspberry sauce, vanilla ice cream, and a leftover square of chocolate from the Art Bar given to me by my extremely nice supervisor at work.

The mexican lasagna was unbelievably yummy, the best ever -- far more than just a vehicle for the lovely avocado creature. Vegetarian, to boot, and nice and spicy!

I have the best wife ever! I love you, darling.

Thank you to everyone for your kind wishes.


Nov. 5th, 2008 12:49 am
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I'm the most cynical person I know. Now this might not be true. I've even been extremely cynical about Obama's message of hope. But right now his speech has turned that around a bit. I think I actually cried tears of relief.
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For a Halloween treat, we saw a cute straight couple decked out head to toe in full Stargate Atlantis outfits, including helmets, flak jackets, P-90s, shoulder patches. HOLY COW. And incongruously wheeling their little baby along in a stroller.
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Veg acquired at the Penn Quarter farmer's market:

Salad greens
watercress & arugula
green onions
broccoli x 3
green and red bell peppers
crimini mushrooms
3 varieties of apples
asian pears
seckel pears
red bartlett pears
turnips, 2 kinds
carrots, 2 bunches
savoy cabbage

Missing Veg, must acquire elsewhere:

Sweet potato/yam things


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