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So why isn't election day a national holiday the way it is in so many other countries? Think how many more people would vote if that were so. Is it a Republican conspiracy to keep working people away from the polls?
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Does this rule mean that in Canada you coat your election ballots in chocolate or something?

Update: Link fixed.
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"Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist" -- I recommend it! Also it made me want to watch "Trick" again. I love those "all night in NYC" films because really, what other U.S. city is there that's truly up all night? Anyway, Michael Cera is still adorable.

I tried to find the Potomac Yards Regal cinema, but drove right past it (now I see it's right in the Target plaza, duh) and accidentally ended up at my office around 9th St NW. This was good because up until now the only way I knew to get there was on the Metro. Not that driving in on a weekday would be as speedy as it (accidentally) was on a Sunday. There's a good, traffic jammy reason I take the train.

So we went to see it at the AMC instead. Much less crowded on a Sunday night than on a Saturday. I do want to know what kind of crazy theatre chain sees fit not to include iced tea in their soda fountains.

I think if something interesting opens at the Landmark E St. or the AFI Silver Theatre we ought to go -- the indie theater in Orlando never showed anything interesting except for "The History Boys" the entire time we lived there. What other indie theaters are in the D.C. area?

Hmmm, there's an LGBT film festival October 18 - 24, with screenings at AFI.
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Yep, I just heard it right from Biden. I am bewildered. Here I go feeling like a damn disenfranchised second-class citizen again. I think this might be why I liked Hillary Clinton, she was much more in favor of actual gay marriage, or at least that's what I gleaned from her online position statements a few months ago.

Palin's whole "I'm tolerent!" bullshit made me want to weep. I guess compared to some people on the right who actively want to kill us, she is, but holy cow, that's right up there with "some of my best friends are gay".
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As I don't have a paid account I can't make an actual "poll" so I'll just ask you to comment.

That drawer with random stuff in it, the one that's probably in the kitchen. What do you call that drawer?

A.) the "miscellaneous" drawer
B.) the "junk" drawer
C.) the "whatnot" drawer
D.) something else (explain)

Personally I call it the "whatnot" drawer as that is what I heard growing up.
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Tomorrow we hit the road for Virginia/D.C.

It has been an exhausting several days of packing and cleaning the apartment. I won't miss the old job, but I will miss the apartment and the family so much. My goal is to visit often. And I'll miss our old co-workers, the two good friends we made in spite of some not-nice other people there.

I bruised my right big toe very, very badly during the packing process. It still hurts like hell, but maybe next week after I finally have real health insurance again, I can find a doctor to take a look at it.


With luck we'll have internet service hooked up on Friday. See you on the other side. I really appreciate that my LJ friends are a constant, whatever city I may currently be inhabiting. There has to be some kind of stability, dammit. :-)
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Today I gave my formal two weeks of notice at my job, accepted the new job in D.C., and am getting on a plane on Sunday evening to fly to Washington for a third time.

This is the apartment-hunting trip. Any natives or former residents of the city, with any last-minute advice, please chime in.

This is also where I apologize for not commenting on your posts, dear friends. I've just been so busy and stressed with the job interviews and all.

Today was indeed a very auspicious day. I love the people at my new job, am relieved about giving up the old one (and I know those last two weeks will be very difficult), and most of all excited about the new city and all the old friends there whom I miss so much.

Most of all I love my wife, Ms. [ profile] bunnyohare for being so brave and hard-working through this whole process.

The amount of excitement, fear, joy, adrenaline, crying, laughing, rollercoaster emotions is just killing me. Once we secure an apartment I will be able to more fully embrace the "joy" part.
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Justice Dept.'s Hiring Tactics Illegal, Report Says -- this is just appalling.

According to the report, Goodling would regularly ask job applicants:

"What is it about George W. Bush that makes you want to serve him?"

One experienced counterterrorism prosecutor did not get a job in Washington because his wife was a Democrat. As a result, the report says, a much less experienced but politically acceptable attorney was assigned to handle counterterrorism issues.

The inspector general also concluded that Goodling ousted Assistant U.S. Attorney Leslie A. Hagen from her assignment in Washington and blocked her from other positions based on Goodling's belief that Hagen was a lesbian.
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This just doesn't seem possible, at least not without a lot of catnip or other drug.

I couldn't even get TWO cats to get onto a cat condo simultaneously.

Sorry ...

Jul. 9th, 2008 07:13 pm
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Sorry about the spam. I have edited by settings slightly and there will not be a repeat of this travesty in the future.
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is trying to be crafty with the IMing to avoid managerial draconian measures
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Finally I can post discreetly to Livejournal, Facebook, and Plurk, all from my tiny little Adium/iChat window. Discreetly! At work! Comment if you want the beta code.
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Trailer Graveyards Haunt FEMA, Neighbors -- post Katrina formaldehyde nightmare.

Can someone explain to me how the formaldehyde got there in the first place? Is it a side effect of the trailer manufacturing process?

Truck rams Concorde, knocks off its nose in NYC.

This is just weird -- how do you leave an enormous plane somewhere in the open where it can get rammed?
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Today in Target we saw a dress that reminded my wife of this Buffy quote:

WILLOW: (horrified) Buffy, it's hideous. Oh my god, Buffy. Look at its arms!

Then while we were at the movies watching Hancock (which is definitely worth seeing, for Jason Bateman alone, even though overall it is a bit flawed compared to Iron Man), there's a scene that completely reminded me of the hilarity when the vampires were making fun of Buffy for smelling like the Doublemeat Palace.

more dialog... )

Also, there's a scene later in the jail where Jason Bateman is visiting, and I swear someone was about to yell "no touching!" (just kidding) There are sadly no "Wee Britain" jokes I can make in reference to Charlize Theron.
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Ohio station advertises gas for $9.09 a gallon.

Imagine how much it would cost to drive a damn Hummer at that price. Bwahahaha.
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Happy birthday to my dear wife, [ profile] bunnyohare.



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