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This just doesn't seem possible, at least not without a lot of catnip or other drug.

I couldn't even get TWO cats to get onto a cat condo simultaneously.
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This was described as a costume for dogs for Halloween, but it fit the cat (much to her chagrin).
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The wild pen-prey has been taken down by the mighty predator.

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First, thank you.

I want to say thank you to everyone who commented on my last post about Jasmine. I just don't have the emotional energy to respond to everyone in person, but I read and took to heart all of your kind responses.

My darling rabbit is feeling even more raw and sad than I am, and has not felt up to posting, but has also read your responses and is very grateful for your kind words about the loss of our sweet Jasmine.

Second, a complaint. Not about you, about some other people!

I unsubscribed from a mailing list for people with terminally ill kidneyCats, because you know what? I don't want to read about other people's sick cats anymore! Too depressing. Let me tell you the funny part though -- and I want to find out if other people find this equally hilarious, because to me, it's like "the stork brings babies", I mean COME ON -- anyway, the funny part to me is that a ton of people on that list would use a euphemism for death that I had never seen before.

They would all write that their cats had "gone over the rainbow bridge". I thought this was the funniest euphemism ever. At first. Now, I just find it annoying and childish. At the end, it just pissed me the hell off. Can't they just say, "my cat has died"? ARGH!!!

Is it wrong that I find this so darn annoying? Please tell me someone else finds this equally silly.

On a lighter topic, I highly recommend the film "Stardust". It is a very pleasant surprise, and is actually one of the few "adaption based on a novel" movies that is actually better than the original novel. I do love Neil Gaiman's writing and especially love the "Sandman" graphic novels and "Good Omens", but didn't like Stardust as much. So this film was extremely and surprisingly good. The casting is just amazing, the pacing is good (unlike in the book), and the balance of comedy, fantasy, and romance is just right.

Go see it! And curses to the lame, non-existent marketing behind this film. If it does poorly at the box office it will not be because of any lack of quality in the film itself, only in the bad job the studio has done in promoting it.

That is all.
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It doesn't spin, but it is round, and apparently comfy.

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Here's our Jasmine enjoying a greek yogurt. She never used to be a food kitty, but since she's gotten ill we've begun to indulge her a lot more. Shrimp, yogurt ... who knows what's next?

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For the last few weeks I've been eating a healthy diet. Lots and lots of vegetables, whole grains, omega-3 foods (esp. salmon), lean meats, tofu. I've been staying away from refined sugar.

Then came the cat getting diagnosed, and I kind of fell off the wagon. In fact, this morning I was so depressed I thought I would walk the two blocks (such easy temptation) to the Krispy Kreme and get some doughnuts.

When I got there it wasn't all new and shiny like the one on University, or the one back in Cranston. For some reason, the Winter Park Krispy Kreme is dingy and old and sad. Then there was the huge long line of customers, consisting mostly of smelly hairy construction workers (not the pretty kind). Lastly, the clerk up front seemed unable to work the register.

However, the HOT DOUGHNUTS sign was on, so I thought, "Hey, FREE doughnuts for depressed girl!"

Then my cell phone rang. It was the vet.

He told me that Jasmine did really well on the fluids over the last couple of days, and that her B.U.N. levels are down from 68 to 48 (35 is normal, but cats with advanced renal problems rarely go below 40, so 48 is really good). He also said she wouldn't need to start the at-home sub-cutaneous fluid injections for at least two weeks, maybe not for a whole month. All we have to do is bring her by in two weeks for a blood test to make sure the new diet is helping, and again in two more weeks to do another complete urine and blood panel.

I was so relieved I almost cried. Also, the "HOT DOUGHNUTS" sign had gone off, and the line still wasn't moving.

So I went across the street to Einstein Bagels and got something healthy and whole wheat to eat.

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As a few of you know from reading my wife's LJ, our tortoiseshell cat Jasmine has been diagnosed with inoperable polycystic kidney disease. The doctor said she won't live more than another three years, or as little as six months. We are very worried! However, quality is more important than quantity at this point, and she is in extremely good spirits, so that is lifting our spirits. The doctor said most cats her age (6) with such a high Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) level aren't even eating anymore at all. So I think she's a strong, strong kitty.

We cried and are very stressed and scared, but Jasmine doesn't seem to be picking up on these emotions. She's just in remarkably fine fettle. I am in awe of her. We'll see how she holds up to twice-weekly subcutaneous fluids by needle.

Her sister Pearl is of course treating her badly, as always happens when one of them comes home from the V-E-T smelling like, well, V-E-T. But I guess we have to worry about Pearl as well because it is a genetic disease. This means more blood tests.
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Yes, I managed to spill half the salmon on the floor yesterday, on the way from the baking sheet to the plate! Horror! And our cats are so anti-table-scraps that they didn't even bother trying to "rescue" the fish. Then, in my stress, I turned around and stepped in it, and the floor got all greasy and in need of mopping.

Granted, it was only the $11.99/lb salmon, not the wild $23.99/lb salmon. That would have made me weep. Still, it was very, very nice Whole Foods Salmon, and I cried on the inside. Then later, I laughed and laughed! Ha ha, silly chicken.

Other than that, I haven't been up to much lately other than taking giganamous quantities of pictures, mostly of the cats. Only because they are so eternally beautiful.

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Some people actually trim this fur between the toes. I would never do that -- it's just too pretty.

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Foot! (and Tail)
Originally uploaded by chickenofeathers.

Someone thought she was hiding, but I detected a rather obvious foot (& tail)!

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Tortie in Sun, 5 of 5
Originally uploaded by chickenofeathers.

This is the best picture of Jasmine, ever.

It's very difficult to catch torties in just the right light -- like black cats, they often end up looking like nothing but Eyes, or conversely their eyes are too often closed in pictures.

I'm clearly one of those people who put too many pictures of their cats in their blogs. So, so, sorry. BWAHAHA.

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I used to scoff at people who dressed up their dogs in little outfits. Well, now I am an enormous hypocrite. I mean, they match the BED.

(And yes, sorry, I did not fix the pictures in Photoshop, I just slapped them up there. The light was too dim in that room, oh well.)

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Jasmine Conehead 2
Originally uploaded by chickenofeathers.

"Mommy, I'm going to start a new website called '', ok?"

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We are very worried, one of our cats might have bladder stones, she is peeing a bit of blood and has to have an X-Ray today (the ultrasound was not conclusive). Please cross your paw-like digits for our Jasmine that it is just something that can be taken care of with a diet change, antibiotics, or some other non-invasive measure.
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Hello from Florida. Leaving Massachusetts and Rhode Island was difficult, mostly because the movers showed up 7.5 hours late, making me miss saying goodbye to my friends and co-workers, and generally making that entire day a horrible nightmare. Nonetheless, things got better after that (in spite of the bad traffic and weather in Connecticut).

We are settled in our new apartment, the cats are happy (see the Flickr pictures as evidence of this), and I have had three job interviews during the last week.

The weather isn't nearly as hot, humid, or thunderous as people feared/claimed/warned. It's really very lovely, actually, and gas only costs $2.79 a gallon. Of course, auto insurance is way more than in Massachusetts (but there is no automobile property tax, so it balances out).

I have skimmed back over my friends page and will try to read it more regularly from now on. I missed you all.


Jul. 14th, 2005 01:05 am
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Jasmine was lounging around in the kitchen:

Then I caught them doing naughty things... )
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Oh holy cats above, some completely random Flickr stranger has marked this snapshot of one of our kitties as one of her "favorite" photos.

I'm thinking, Wha? huh? But it's just a crappy out-of-focus cell phone picture, like all the others I have up there!?!?!? Because most of this person's other "favorites" are nice, high-quality pictures taken with cameras that have fancy names.

But then another part of my brain is saying, someone thinks our kitty is beautiful!

And the guilty part of my brain is shouting, WHY haven't I had time to upload pretty pictures of our other kitty? She's going to feel JEALOUS!
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Yay, we are in our new apartment, along with all our cats, our furniture, and too many boxes.

The movers did a heroic job hoisting some of the furniture up the side of the house and onto the third floor balcony using ropes (the four pieces of furniture that wouldn't fit up the stairs). I know they wouldn't have had to work so hard if they'd bothered to take the drawers out of that enormous bureau, but still, all the more impressive. It was well worth the money.

The cats were a bit frightened of the new place at first, but once they figured out that the living room furniture smelled familiar, they relaxed.

Despite not lifting furniture, we are VERY exhausted and in need of Tylenol from lifting many boxes.

Also, did you all do anything interesting in the last few days that I MUST know? If so, tell me, because I'll just never have the chance to catch up on my f-list. We've had no internet connection for the last four and a half days (the Comcast guy is coming by tomorrow).

The new apartment is just LOVELY, and now all we have to do is unpack, get our new car registration and driver's licenses, and collapse into a heap of tired rabbits and chickens.


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