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In the new issue (the one with the BSG folks on the cover) in the "Cheers & Jeers" section, a big cheer for the SciFi Channel and Firefly:

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Dear Big Damn Whedon Fans:

It's been all over Whedonesque for days, but I know some of you don't read it every day, so voila:

Sydney, Perth and Adelaide and Melbourne.

Plus, the World Premiere in Scotland at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on August 22nd!!

It's nice to see screenings outside the U.S. at last.
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So I just bought my copy of Serenity #1 (and I was good and patronized a local small business, The Time Capsule (Cranston, RI) instead of buying it online)!

I really like it a lot, but not having been a comics geek as a child (unlike [ profile] bunnyohare and her brothers), I was surprised at how short these damn things are. Just as you're getting into the story, it ends, and then they make you wait a whole month for the next issue! Ack. Surely those 1970s comics didn't come out a whole month apart.

I went online to and The Chinese Character Dictionary and translated all the Chinese in the comic. I'm having some trouble with the last part of Book's longish utterance circa page nine, though. If anyone else buys this and knows Chinese or has a friend who does, please let me know, because this is driving me crazy. I'm thinking of asking my sister and father for help if there's no one here who can.

I mean, I ended up with something ludicrous like "why must you look to me for hemp luminous?" which is SO not right.

Most of the phrases are short and easy (and one's been uttered on Firefly), but that long speech is driving me insane.
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I just rented Straight-Jacket, in which Tom Lenk has a small, very funny role. Here are a few of the screencaps I did. The man in the blond wig is Jack Plotnick, who played Deputy Mayor Allan Finch in Season Three, and who is a good friend of Tom's. Jack has a substantial role in the film, but this is pretty much Tom's only scene.

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Also, tentative good news about the likelihood of UK fan screenings:

Hope this makes all you lovely people across the pond happy happy. :-)
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Serenity: A Buddist Perspective (Mild Spoilage), by [ profile] elflore.

Don't click it if you are at all Spoiler-phobic, but if you have seen the film already and want to understand and come to peace with certain rather difficult things that happened in the movie, this will help you, I really think it will. It helped me.

[ profile] elflore originally posted this on the Browncoats message board, but then I found out he had an LJ, so I didn't have to link you to a site requiring registration. Not that more Browncoats members would go amiss!
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Hey there OS X Tiger users. I've made my first Widget. (As you can see, this Serenity countdown widget was my inspiration.) It isn't all that spectacular, and I don't want to spend a ton more time on it, but I'm hoping some of you can make small suggestions that would improve it a bit more with fairly minimal effort. ;-) Download it at Please 1.) don't give out the URL to random folks not on my f-list, and 2.) give suggestions/constructive crit. here in the comments. Thanks.

P.S., Important Debugging Notes:

Note that the eventual point is to display a new quote every day for 60 days, counting down to the release date of the movie on September 30th. On that day the zero-th array member will display a quote from Joss: "We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty!"

However, for debugging you'll notice that the quote is currently keyed to the second-hand on your watch (er, digitally), since seconds are also a convenient 60-parcel amount. This allows you to see all the quotes, pretty much -- out of "order" of course, since iterative displays of your Dashboard will show quotes counting up the array instead of down.

We have 39 days to debug this puppy, so let's get crackin'! (Here's hoping for my sake that Universal doesn't up the release date, although part of me hopes they do.)
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"I simply do not believe there’s a better Film Studies Department in the world. The in-depth analysis of filmmaking and genre is presented with brilliance and clarity by professors who know so much they just might have to be killed. The major gave me an understanding of the art, the necessary requirement for any kind of creator. The alumni community has an uncommon cohesion; people united not just by an alma mater, but by the elevating experience of having studied with true visionaries, fed off a shared creative energy, and watched some really weird flicks."

—Joss Whedon, creator, producer, and director of TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly

Disclaimer: I did not go to Wesleyan and have never been there. I just found this amusing.
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Not the tasty dessert.

I'm talking fandom here -- it's a fairly recent word, as in "flanatics" and "Flanvention". What's a "flan" and how is it different from a regular "fan"?

Aaaah, I'm ignorant! Help me.
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According to, Neil Gaiman's "Mirrormask" is coming out on September 30, the same day as "Serenity". In my estimation this would not be good for either film since Whedon fans and Gaiman fans tend to overlap a lot. If people are forced to choose, that could drive down those crucial opening weekend receipts for both films.

Fandom meme

Jun. 4th, 2005 11:06 pm
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May. 27th, 2005 02:07 am
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Ah, May 26th, 2005, Providence, Rhode Island: the highly anticipated preview screening of Serenity. Joss delivered. Oh, did he ever.

This movie just blew me away -- it was fantastic in so many possibly spoilery ways, I cannot even say. It made the TV series seem like a little walk in the park, a small adorable lamby next to this Big Damn (completely moving) Movie. I absolutely cannot wait to see it again.
Some pictures (no stars, folks, just us humble fans). )
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People who went to the May 5th screening or know something about it --

So is it true that we'll have to fill out Surveys of some kind that Universal is passing around? What kind of questions does it ask, if so? How long does it take to fill out? Will they provide pencils? Will they want their pencils back? :-)

I've never been to a preview screening before, so I am very excited, unfinished soundtrack or not.
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Despite the official site claiming all theaters are sold out, I nonetheless just managed to purchase an additional Providence ticket from (I now have three precious tickets)!

Someone on Whedonesque just reported the same thing for Philly.

So don't give up hope, give the direct theatre links a try again, just in case.

Some links, just in case. )
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The official word is out at last, here's the list of cities showing Serenity, with links to online ticket purchasing when available (for non-active links, people are urged to call or stop by the theatre in question and buy directly that way).
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See here for a list of cities:

Providence and Boston peeps! Note that they are showing it at Providence Place Mall, so when Boston inevitably sells out really quickly, all you Massachusetts peeps should feel free to come on down here to Providence.

I have a RL friend possibly lined up to buy my two Boston tickets (since I bought them before realizing there was a Providence showing), but if he can't buy them, I am taking requests on a first-LJ-comment, first-served basis to buy my two Boston tickets.

So comment here if you are interested in these tickets, and you will be the first person I contact about it if my friend can't buy them.

Meanwhile I have my Providence confirmation in my sweaty hands. I never actually "squee" but I think this might be a good opportunity to start ...

** SQUEEEEE!! **
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Since not very many of you are members of [ profile] angelphilosophy I thought I'd repost my question here ...

AtS Season Four amnesia question(s). )
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Ignore if you are already a member of [ profile] ats_endofdays.
A Day (or so) in the Life of Harmony Kendall

Fanfic based around episode 5.1 "Conviction"

For the ats_endofdays challenge

AUTHOR: Chicken (Carole); LJ: chicken_cem

WORDS: 1,896

RATING: PG at most


CHARACTER(S): Mostly Harmony

CHALLENGE: "End of Days" ats_endofdays (

SUMMARY: Harmony adjusts to life at Wolfram and Hart

SPOILERS: Vague, up to and including AtS episode 5.1

DISTRIBUTION: Please contact me for permission.

DISCLAIMER: The characters used in this story are not my own but are borrowed from creator, Joss Whedon, and his TV series, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel". No proceeds are being made from this story; it is only for fun.

The Story.


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