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I am sure most of you have already seen This is Why You're Fat, but if not, well ... check out the Krispy Kreme bacon cheeseburgers currently on page 11 (yes, the link will quickly break) and the Bacon Cheese Pizza Burger currently on page 5. The excesses are shocking.

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Nov. 19th, 2008 08:58 pm
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What a lovely birthday! My wife [ profile] bunnyohare made the most delicious dinner for me!

The Perfect Peach Tart

That was the lovely peach tart she made for the dessert.

Here are the rest of the delicious pictures.

The tart was very peach melba-like, with raspberry sauce, vanilla ice cream, and a leftover square of chocolate from the Art Bar given to me by my extremely nice supervisor at work.

The mexican lasagna was unbelievably yummy, the best ever -- far more than just a vehicle for the lovely avocado creature. Vegetarian, to boot, and nice and spicy!

I have the best wife ever! I love you, darling.

Thank you to everyone for your kind wishes.
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For the last few weeks I've been eating a healthy diet. Lots and lots of vegetables, whole grains, omega-3 foods (esp. salmon), lean meats, tofu. I've been staying away from refined sugar.

Then came the cat getting diagnosed, and I kind of fell off the wagon. In fact, this morning I was so depressed I thought I would walk the two blocks (such easy temptation) to the Krispy Kreme and get some doughnuts.

When I got there it wasn't all new and shiny like the one on University, or the one back in Cranston. For some reason, the Winter Park Krispy Kreme is dingy and old and sad. Then there was the huge long line of customers, consisting mostly of smelly hairy construction workers (not the pretty kind). Lastly, the clerk up front seemed unable to work the register.

However, the HOT DOUGHNUTS sign was on, so I thought, "Hey, FREE doughnuts for depressed girl!"

Then my cell phone rang. It was the vet.

He told me that Jasmine did really well on the fluids over the last couple of days, and that her B.U.N. levels are down from 68 to 48 (35 is normal, but cats with advanced renal problems rarely go below 40, so 48 is really good). He also said she wouldn't need to start the at-home sub-cutaneous fluid injections for at least two weeks, maybe not for a whole month. All we have to do is bring her by in two weeks for a blood test to make sure the new diet is helping, and again in two more weeks to do another complete urine and blood panel.

I was so relieved I almost cried. Also, the "HOT DOUGHNUTS" sign had gone off, and the line still wasn't moving.

So I went across the street to Einstein Bagels and got something healthy and whole wheat to eat.

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Yes, I managed to spill half the salmon on the floor yesterday, on the way from the baking sheet to the plate! Horror! And our cats are so anti-table-scraps that they didn't even bother trying to "rescue" the fish. Then, in my stress, I turned around and stepped in it, and the floor got all greasy and in need of mopping.

Granted, it was only the $11.99/lb salmon, not the wild $23.99/lb salmon. That would have made me weep. Still, it was very, very nice Whole Foods Salmon, and I cried on the inside. Then later, I laughed and laughed! Ha ha, silly chicken.

Other than that, I haven't been up to much lately other than taking giganamous quantities of pictures, mostly of the cats. Only because they are so eternally beautiful.

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We had an inadvisably huge brunch, the kind of food designed to EXPAND a chicken, not shrink it!

Buttermilk Waffles
Double Devon Cream
Slivered Almonds
Chopped Fresh Dates
Maple Syrup

I kid myself that oiling the waffle iron with Flax Seed oil will in any way redeem me in the eyes of Gillian McKeefe or Dr. Mehmet Oz. That huge amount of double devon cream is unredeemable.

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First off, in Hobbit tradition, I gave presents to other people on my birthday. This gave me the best sense of happiness, actually. Seeing the look on my darling [ profile] bunnyohare's face when she got her long-wished-for Rabbit Slippers (pink!) was awesome. Plus, the plush monkey for my sister arrived in the mail today.

We also went out to dinner at the Tuscan Tavern in Warren (a town with a very rabbity name!), and then went to buy me an outfit for the Bunny's brother's wedding (which is in less than a week). I've gained forty (40!) pounds since I started on my thyroid medication a year ago, so of course none of my wedding-appropriate clothes fit me anymore.

Tonight she is making me a black forest cake, since yesterday we were way too full from dinner to even contemplate cake.

It was a wonderful birthday, and thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes.


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