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Yesterday I accidentally discovered that as of the last update to Firefox 2.0, one can now rearrange browser tabs! Just pick up the tab you want to move and move it! A little green arrow appears above the place you are about to insert it in the order of existing tabs.

Yes, how geeky.

It's just that I've always wanted to be able to do this. They've finally implemented it! How many times have I closed a tab because I didn't like where it was in the order of tabs, and then closed a few more, and then painfully made a bunch of new ones and filled them in according to the desired order? TOO MANY!

No more of that now. Sweeeeeet.

P.S. -- does this work under Windows XP and Linux as well? (I've only tried it under Mac OS X.)

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Hey all you Mac-based vidders. For a price, you can finally create Windows Media movies from inside Quicktime! Talk about long overdue. (The player component of Flip4Mac is free, and will allow you to view any Windows Media videos from right inside Quicktime.)

[Via mmcirvin].

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On the back of the iMac G5 (which my boss just purchased for me to use, last month, yay) above the headphone jack Apple has imprinted the phrase "Optical Out". HUH? Don't they mean "Audio Out"? Is this a typo, a joke, or me being stupid?

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Usually I use BBEdit on my Mac to write code (PHP, Perl, HTML, whatnot). It's the most awesome editor ever.

However, today I am using a Win XP machine. I searched and searched for an editor that had some comparable features, first and foremost live editing of remote documents via SFTP. I couldn't get it to work in any of the editors recommended by other BBEdit users who sometimes have to use Win XP:


Finally I realized that my old standby from the last time I used Windows was the answer:


This is a really nice editor, and I highly recommend it to any Mac users who occasionally find themselves stuck in Windows land. It has many of the features I love about BBEdit: great syntax highlighting and code indentation, File Tree View, which is a thingy somewhat comparable to BBEdit's Document Drawer, live SFTP editing (although not quite as good as BBEdit's), HTML Validation, and many more nice features.

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So I just bought my copy of Serenity #1 (and I was good and patronized a local small business, The Time Capsule (Cranston, RI) instead of buying it online)!

I really like it a lot, but not having been a comics geek as a child (unlike [ profile] bunnyohare and her brothers), I was surprised at how short these damn things are. Just as you're getting into the story, it ends, and then they make you wait a whole month for the next issue! Ack. Surely those 1970s comics didn't come out a whole month apart.

I went online to and The Chinese Character Dictionary and translated all the Chinese in the comic. I'm having some trouble with the last part of Book's longish utterance circa page nine, though. If anyone else buys this and knows Chinese or has a friend who does, please let me know, because this is driving me crazy. I'm thinking of asking my sister and father for help if there's no one here who can.

I mean, I ended up with something ludicrous like "why must you look to me for hemp luminous?" which is SO not right.

Most of the phrases are short and easy (and one's been uttered on Firefly), but that long speech is driving me insane.
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Does anyone know how to force Safari to "check for updates" on RSS feeds at a manual time interval? The drop down box in the prefs only gives options to check every 30 minutes, once an hour, or once a day. I'd like to set it to check every 5, 10, or 15 minutes for some feeds. Ideally I'd like it configurable per-feed, so some feeds need checking every 5 minutes, and others only need checking every three or four hours. None of those options seem configurable.

On the other hand, Firefox has that secret hidden about:config thing where all kinds of things are configurable that aren't configurable in the UI's main Preferences box, so maybe Safari has something similar?

Anyone? I know there are other Mac users on my f-list.
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Hey there OS X Tiger users. I've made my first Widget. (As you can see, this Serenity countdown widget was my inspiration.) It isn't all that spectacular, and I don't want to spend a ton more time on it, but I'm hoping some of you can make small suggestions that would improve it a bit more with fairly minimal effort. ;-) Download it at Please 1.) don't give out the URL to random folks not on my f-list, and 2.) give suggestions/constructive crit. here in the comments. Thanks.

P.S., Important Debugging Notes:

Note that the eventual point is to display a new quote every day for 60 days, counting down to the release date of the movie on September 30th. On that day the zero-th array member will display a quote from Joss: "We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty!"

However, for debugging you'll notice that the quote is currently keyed to the second-hand on your watch (er, digitally), since seconds are also a convenient 60-parcel amount. This allows you to see all the quotes, pretty much -- out of "order" of course, since iterative displays of your Dashboard will show quotes counting up the array instead of down.

We have 39 days to debug this puppy, so let's get crackin'! (Here's hoping for my sake that Universal doesn't up the release date, although part of me hopes they do.)


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