82 degrees

Dec. 24th, 2006 01:55 pm
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This is the first time I've really realized what it means to live in the sub-tropics. It was about 82 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday. We went into the pool and swam around for an hour, and then walked home, not shivering, still wearing our wet swimsuits. Two days before Christmas.

Later we went down to Winter Park Village for dinner and a movie, and some of the stores were blowing fake snow out on top of the pedestrians, but it melted weirdly and smelled and tasted like soap bubbles. Also, we found a Japanese toy shop / comic book shop called "Uberbot".

The best part of the evening was going to see The History Boys. Highly recommended if you like humour, British cinema, queer cinema, cute school boys, and/or half the cast of the Harry Potter movies getting the opportunity to do some very different acting roles.

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Yes, there are rabbits and chickens all over our tree. DUH! :-)
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Since I'm too lazy and can't be arsed to post my own entry, go to my wife's entry and answer her funny poll if you would like to receive a holiday card. No one but the Bunny can see the full list of results, so your address will stay private.

Also, if you feel so inclined, drop her a comment on the post as well to say who you are (and that you came to the poll from my f-list), so she knows who you are and realizes you aren't a random transsexual parakeet aficionado who came to the poll from neither of our friends lists! Thanks.


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