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Many thanks to the wonderful [ profile] ponders_life for the birthday chicken icons! They are awesome:

chicken_crossroad icon chicken pair on bench icon
chicken squawk icon chicken walking icon

I also procured several more icons, including a few Grey's Anatomy icons by [ profile] retrolights and an Alan Davies/Q.I. icon by [ profile] du_berg from various relevant LJ communities:

grey's anatomy icon sandra oh alan davies icon

I know, these two subjects have little in common except that both shows make me laugh!

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Basic screencaps & 100x100 crops I just did from my Maurice DVD. Feel free to take (with credit), modify, etc. Please leave a comment if you plan to take, use, credit. :-)

Any suggestions on which one I should use, and what words I should add, if any?

Help me choose an icon, or help yourself to some. )
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Remember when I recommended that every Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, gay film, indie film, and/or Brit. historial film fanatic see Another Country? Well, it is finally coming out on Region 1 DVD on September 7th, 2004.

You can already pre-order it at

I have never "squee-ed" in my journal before, but here goes:


[ profile] keever, this is especially for you.

[ profile] angelchicken, I know you are a Colin fan, so this is for you, too.

Oh, and here are some icons:

Icons )
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I laughed so hard. I hope you will, too. It is disturbing, yes, but also funny.

Like the "eaten by wild dogs" thing in the Bridget Jones movie, where they actually showed her being eaten, for a second.

As I have a free account and only have three icons, I will just put it here for you all to take and use if you want it:

Here it is for you to take and use:
quiznos wolf capture icon

This is the URL where you can view the whole thing:

This is a slightly bigger capture: (but grainy a bit?)

You can make your own better one if you want to, of course, or request that I send you the original capture. Or whatever. I know it is a bit too small, I should have done a slightly closer crop and/or upped the size a bit first. Lazy. Enjoy or ignore, whatever. :-)


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