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Arrested Development and Kitchen Confidential episodes will air again tomorrow! Woohoo, yay! Of course, it's still probably they are canceled in January, but if they do have the decency to at least show us the rest of episodes that are already in the can through the next two or three weeks (instead of making us wait for the DVDs), that would be a nice crumb.

Thanks to zandra_x for this.

chicken: (56. Arrested Dev. & Kitchen Confidential)
Could there have been more chicken content in tonight's episode? ;-) SO funny. See? We poultry can laugh at ourselves. Hahahahaha. And dear lord, Coco Peru! This episode was three times as funny as last week's.

As for Kitchen Confidential, it was also much funnier than the previous one. Monday nights rule.
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Don't forget that those lovely comedies premiere on Monday: Arrested Development and Kitchen Confidential (KC icon courtesy of [ profile] taranbtd).

In that vein, check out my gratuitous Annoying Animated Icon ).

Way too many frames in the animation, I know. But hey, it was fun.

My wife and I really enjoyed Netflixing Arrested Development this summer in order to catch up. Last year I kept wondering what the big deal was when everyone on my f-list was raving about it. Now I know! It's just the funniest show I've seen in a long, long time, very Christopher Guest-ian. I keep thinking that Tom Lenk would make a GREAT guest star. Anyone with me? This is so totally his kind of humor.


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