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Today while we were at the vet waiting to pick up the lactated ringer's for Jasmine, a man came in carrying a small white kitten.

He explained to the people at the front desk that his wife had found the kitten on the street, and that it was limping, and could he find out what was wrong with it?

When he agreed to their question about whether he "wanted to take responsibility for it" they gave him a form to fill out, but then he started balking when he found out how expensive X-rays would be. He left the kitten just sitting mewing on the floor while he went outside to have a conversation with his wife on the phone.

We had this momentary pang. Maybe we should pay for the poor thing's X-rays! But no. We had our own sick kitty at home.

In the end the people at the desk seemed to lower the prices a bit, and we handed the man a small amount of cash, and we left (because by then we had finished our own transaction for our own kitty).

It was just SO cute, and was limping piteously, favoring both its right front and back paws, and had a weird rash on its back.

I am a huge sucker for small injured creatures.

It's probably a good thing that our apartment complex has a rule limiting pet ownership to a maximum of two pets (not counting fish).


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