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Gay marriage legalized in Vermont. The vote in the House was 100-49, which I thought meant some last-minute scrounging for a very few votes, and indeed, the story behind four of those five votes is quite fascinating. I love the guy who changed his vote from "I am a Catholic and have to vote against gay marriage" to "I am pissed off at being dissed by the governor so nyeh, diss ya back!"

And it's very moving to see how they got that very last vote, the good old-fashioned way, people calling their legislators. “Many supporters – mostly straight and many not historically political – have stepped up to the plate,” Robinson said. That just about makes me cry.

So soon after the Iowa victory, this is such good news.

And check it out, D.C. Council Votes to Recognize Other States' Gay Marriages. That's enough to make me want to move, in spite of the expense. WOW. That would mean our Massachusetts marriage license would be recognized. That's just amazing. With the District's relative disenfranchisement (not having Representation in Congress), and with the stupid federal DOMA still in effect, I wonder what the tangible benefits would be? Just not being in Virginia, which is so actively hateful toward gay people, would certainly be one tangible effect.

Now of course I'm wondering about Rhode Island, which I consider my home state. This New York Times article has some things to say about Rhode Island, including, Advocates of same-sex marriage in Rhode Island said they were aiming for legislative approval in 2011. That is when Gov. Donald L. Carcieri, a Republican who is against same-sex marriage, will leave office because of term limits.

Furthermore, the legislative landscape in Rhode Island has changed a lot since the last time around, and according to [ profile] kerri9494, there are a lot of interesting candidates for governor in 2011, including Lincoln Chafee, who is so much more liberal than Carcieri, it's dizzying.

All of this definitely makes the whole Prop. 8 thing less horrifying.

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Nov. 19th, 2008 08:58 pm
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What a lovely birthday! My wife [ profile] bunnyohare made the most delicious dinner for me!

The Perfect Peach Tart

That was the lovely peach tart she made for the dessert.

Here are the rest of the delicious pictures.

The tart was very peach melba-like, with raspberry sauce, vanilla ice cream, and a leftover square of chocolate from the Art Bar given to me by my extremely nice supervisor at work.

The mexican lasagna was unbelievably yummy, the best ever -- far more than just a vehicle for the lovely avocado creature. Vegetarian, to boot, and nice and spicy!

I have the best wife ever! I love you, darling.

Thank you to everyone for your kind wishes.
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Yep, I just heard it right from Biden. I am bewildered. Here I go feeling like a damn disenfranchised second-class citizen again. I think this might be why I liked Hillary Clinton, she was much more in favor of actual gay marriage, or at least that's what I gleaned from her online position statements a few months ago.

Palin's whole "I'm tolerent!" bullshit made me want to weep. I guess compared to some people on the right who actively want to kill us, she is, but holy cow, that's right up there with "some of my best friends are gay".
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N.Y. Gov. Says Married Gay Couples Deserve Rights.

All that blue on the interactive map really freaks me out, though. There's still a lot of hate out there.
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Gay wedding for Star Trek's Takei and a nice picture of the two of them on Takei's own site.

For some reason, the idea that the two of them have been together for 21 years and that Takei is now 71 just makes me unbelievably happy. Some people kind of give up on meeting that 'right' someone somewhere in their mid-30's or 40's, but really it's never too late.
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I saw this on [ profile] zandra_x's LJ and wanted to re-post right away.

As you presumably know, California's recent court decision regarding same-sex marriage was a huge deal. It was historic, long overdue, and took a hell of a lot of fighting.

Unfortunately (and not surprisingly) Governor Schwarzenegger is receiving tons of phone calls from the supporters of 'Limits on Marriage' (the constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in California) about his comment to a group of Log Cabin Republicans that he wouldn't support a constitutional amendment which discriminates against gays by defining marriage as only being between a man and woman.

We don't want him to go back on his word. So he needs to hear from us, too.

Calling to voice your support for California's gay marriage ruling means calling an automated system; you won't have to talk to anyone. And you can call even if you're not from California. So please, the more the better.

The number is 1-916-445-2841; press 1, 5, 1 to get to the particular issue, then press 1 if you want to support upholding the court decision and are against a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.
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This is a very interesting article addressing some of the interesting implications of the ruling. It's always been obvious to everyone that (as the article says) what happens in California does not stay in California. It's population, size, and economy make its influence on the rest of the nation and the world as a whole quite compelling. That's why I'm hoping that the ruling will stick, and this will start a domino effect across the nation.

This part of the article made me cry (but I'm generally a crier anyway):

It is helpful for the California opinion that it closely resembles a U.S. Supreme Court decision that has stood the test of time: Loving v. Virginia. In that 1967 ruling, the court struck down all remaining state bans on interracial marriage under the federal constitution ... On the 40th anniversary of her victory, African-American plaintiff Mildred Loving last year issued a statement urging that gays be allowed to marry.

I always think about the fact that I might not be here on this planet if it weren't for Loving v. Virginia and similar rulings, since my parents were an interracial couple. This makes me cry, too. Yes, I cry a lot.

If the Florida November ballot item attempting to ban gay marriage passes, I feel very strongly that I would not want to live here anymore. I don't want to live where I'm not welcome, where we as human beings and as a married couple are made to feel that what we have done and are doing is illegal, that we are somehow sub-human.

The fourth anniversary of our marriage back in Massachusetts is in a little over a month. I cannot imagine our fifth anniversary rolling around without some major life change(s) accompanying it.
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Gay marriage!!!!!!!

It's so much warmer there than in Massachusetts. *ponders*

Just imagine getting our marriage back, legally (of course we never lost it personally, AHEM!)...


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