Nov. 22nd, 2008 02:19 pm
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A hilarious review of the Twilight movie.

Yes, I'm still going to go see it, with really low expectations. Snakes on a Plane, indeed.
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"Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist" -- I recommend it! Also it made me want to watch "Trick" again. I love those "all night in NYC" films because really, what other U.S. city is there that's truly up all night? Anyway, Michael Cera is still adorable.

I tried to find the Potomac Yards Regal cinema, but drove right past it (now I see it's right in the Target plaza, duh) and accidentally ended up at my office around 9th St NW. This was good because up until now the only way I knew to get there was on the Metro. Not that driving in on a weekday would be as speedy as it (accidentally) was on a Sunday. There's a good, traffic jammy reason I take the train.

So we went to see it at the AMC instead. Much less crowded on a Sunday night than on a Saturday. I do want to know what kind of crazy theatre chain sees fit not to include iced tea in their soda fountains.

I think if something interesting opens at the Landmark E St. or the AFI Silver Theatre we ought to go -- the indie theater in Orlando never showed anything interesting except for "The History Boys" the entire time we lived there. What other indie theaters are in the D.C. area?

Hmmm, there's an LGBT film festival October 18 - 24, with screenings at AFI.
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Movie tally so far this summer:

Teeth -- a must see. If you are a straight woman and think your boyfriend/husband needs to be scared a bit, you must make him watch this. BWAHAHA. Also, the film does some unconventional genre things, and the director may or may not be gay. Also, I really liked the lead actress, Jess Weixler.

Iron Man -- also a must see. In general I'm still not a fan of Jon Favreau, but this helps to ameliorate that. Pretty much agreeing with this excellent review by a certain person on my f-list.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall -- a bit more 'meh' about this one, but I'll see Kristen Bell in almost anything (except maybe movies about cell phones killing people, hahaha). Also, Russell Brand can really only play one character -- himself -- but that's expected.

There were two or three others I expected to have seen by now, but illness has abated those plans. *cough, cough*
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First, thank you.

I want to say thank you to everyone who commented on my last post about Jasmine. I just don't have the emotional energy to respond to everyone in person, but I read and took to heart all of your kind responses.

My darling rabbit is feeling even more raw and sad than I am, and has not felt up to posting, but has also read your responses and is very grateful for your kind words about the loss of our sweet Jasmine.

Second, a complaint. Not about you, about some other people!

I unsubscribed from a mailing list for people with terminally ill kidneyCats, because you know what? I don't want to read about other people's sick cats anymore! Too depressing. Let me tell you the funny part though -- and I want to find out if other people find this equally hilarious, because to me, it's like "the stork brings babies", I mean COME ON -- anyway, the funny part to me is that a ton of people on that list would use a euphemism for death that I had never seen before.

They would all write that their cats had "gone over the rainbow bridge". I thought this was the funniest euphemism ever. At first. Now, I just find it annoying and childish. At the end, it just pissed me the hell off. Can't they just say, "my cat has died"? ARGH!!!

Is it wrong that I find this so darn annoying? Please tell me someone else finds this equally silly.

On a lighter topic, I highly recommend the film "Stardust". It is a very pleasant surprise, and is actually one of the few "adaption based on a novel" movies that is actually better than the original novel. I do love Neil Gaiman's writing and especially love the "Sandman" graphic novels and "Good Omens", but didn't like Stardust as much. So this film was extremely and surprisingly good. The casting is just amazing, the pacing is good (unlike in the book), and the balance of comedy, fantasy, and romance is just right.

Go see it! And curses to the lame, non-existent marketing behind this film. If it does poorly at the box office it will not be because of any lack of quality in the film itself, only in the bad job the studio has done in promoting it.

That is all.


May. 28th, 2007 09:07 pm
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I must endorse "Waitress". Go see this sweet romantic comedy! I cannot endorse this film enough.

I like that it had more genuinely funny moments in it than most romantic comedies, but still plenty of sweetness and romance. I think Nathan Fillion was very well cast, and that he had good chemistry with Kerri Russell.

Also, after I left the theatre I wanted PIE. However, I still don't know where the heck you can find any good pie in Orlando at 10:00 pm at night. We went to a venue restaurant and the pie was not fit to be called pie. VERY disappointing.

82 degrees

Dec. 24th, 2006 01:55 pm
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This is the first time I've really realized what it means to live in the sub-tropics. It was about 82 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday. We went into the pool and swam around for an hour, and then walked home, not shivering, still wearing our wet swimsuits. Two days before Christmas.

Later we went down to Winter Park Village for dinner and a movie, and some of the stores were blowing fake snow out on top of the pedestrians, but it melted weirdly and smelled and tasted like soap bubbles. Also, we found a Japanese toy shop / comic book shop called "Uberbot".

The best part of the evening was going to see The History Boys. Highly recommended if you like humour, British cinema, queer cinema, cute school boys, and/or half the cast of the Harry Potter movies getting the opportunity to do some very different acting roles.

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1.) My apologies again for not reading my friends page for about two or three weeks now. The job hunt is just draining as usual. If everything goes well I might actually have time some day soon, because ...

2.) I finally have a face-to-face interview, this coming Friday. I'm VERY excited and well, validated. Someone actually likes me. (Weird.)

3.) We saw "V for Vendetta" and "She's the Man" recently. Both quite good, in very different ways. Go see them! My top reason in both cases is because of casting. In the case of "V for Vendetta" for just about everyone in the cast (too many to mention, WOW casting). In the case of "She's the Man", I have to say David Cross was just hilarious. This is not a surprise to any of us who have been watching "Arrested Development", I know.

4.) Happy Easter! Bunnies! Chickens! Need I say more? Hop! Nibble. Bawk. Flap. :-)

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...was indeed fantastic. However, the movie theatre was literally sticky. Sure, the tickets were only $5 a person, but oh my god, the floor was just sticky, like they'd never mopped it, ever. Ewwwwww. Also, the air conditioning was up so high we nearly froze to death.

Julian McMahon does evil really well here, even better than on Charmed (didn't see Nip/Tuck -- is he evil-ish there, too?), and Ioan Gruffudd was unexpectedly funny.
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- My bunny does the best BBQ's ever. YUM. Esp. the CORN.
- Mowing the lawn is fun until you get mauled by bamboo and roses.
- Mindless sheep-like patriotism? Drives me nuts.
- Two dollar theatre == the best. You can see four or five movies there for the price of one at a first-run theatre. We saw Hitchhiker's Guide, Fever Pitch, and Monster-in-Law for less than we spent on Bewitched. They were all good, but I love getting to see a film for only $1.99, so much so that my critical faculties take a back seat. Also, Herbie was not as bad as people would have you believe, and Batman Begins was the BEST. Mr. & Mrs. Smith was just hilarious, one of the smartest, funniest action scripts ever, plus Angelina is HOT.
- Why didn't anyone tell me that Flickr has an upload bandwidth limit? I mean now that I know about it, I feel stupid, because of course there must be. But damn.
- Cats rule.
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I just rented Straight-Jacket, in which Tom Lenk has a small, very funny role. Here are a few of the screencaps I did. The man in the blond wig is Jack Plotnick, who played Deputy Mayor Allan Finch in Season Three, and who is a good friend of Tom's. Jack has a substantial role in the film, but this is pretty much Tom's only scene.

Cross-posted on [ profile] troika_daily.
Screencaps... )
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Serenity: A Buddist Perspective (Mild Spoilage), by [ profile] elflore.

Don't click it if you are at all Spoiler-phobic, but if you have seen the film already and want to understand and come to peace with certain rather difficult things that happened in the movie, this will help you, I really think it will. It helped me.

[ profile] elflore originally posted this on the Browncoats message board, but then I found out he had an LJ, so I didn't have to link you to a site requiring registration. Not that more Browncoats members would go amiss!


May. 27th, 2005 02:07 am
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Ah, May 26th, 2005, Providence, Rhode Island: the highly anticipated preview screening of Serenity. Joss delivered. Oh, did he ever.

This movie just blew me away -- it was fantastic in so many possibly spoilery ways, I cannot even say. It made the TV series seem like a little walk in the park, a small adorable lamby next to this Big Damn (completely moving) Movie. I absolutely cannot wait to see it again.
Some pictures (no stars, folks, just us humble fans). )
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I finally noticed two people had tagged me to do this meme. Sorry if someone else did before this and I just didn't notice. I've been having trouble keeping up with my f-list.

1) Total number of films I own on DVD/video:
Probably around thirty (30) or so.

2) The last film I bought: Last DVD (set) I bought:
Angel Season Five.
Last actual "film" I bought: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets as a gift for my sister-in-law.

3) Last film I watched:
Most of Prick Up Your Ears (again) on some Showtime-type channel.

The rest of the meme. )
5) Tag 5 people and have them fill this out on their LJs: [ profile] bunnyohare, [ profile] keever, [ profile] alice23kate, [ profile] ponders_life, [ profile] masqthephlsphr.
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Despite the official site claiming all theaters are sold out, I nonetheless just managed to purchase an additional Providence ticket from (I now have three precious tickets)!

Someone on Whedonesque just reported the same thing for Philly.

So don't give up hope, give the direct theatre links a try again, just in case.

Some links, just in case. )
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See here for a list of cities:

Providence and Boston peeps! Note that they are showing it at Providence Place Mall, so when Boston inevitably sells out really quickly, all you Massachusetts peeps should feel free to come on down here to Providence.

I have a RL friend possibly lined up to buy my two Boston tickets (since I bought them before realizing there was a Providence showing), but if he can't buy them, I am taking requests on a first-LJ-comment, first-served basis to buy my two Boston tickets.

So comment here if you are interested in these tickets, and you will be the first person I contact about it if my friend can't buy them.

Meanwhile I have my Providence confirmation in my sweaty hands. I never actually "squee" but I think this might be a good opportunity to start ...

** SQUEEEEE!! **
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Last night at the queer film fest we saw Brendan Fehr in Sugar, playing a hustler. Mmmmmm, tasty, and his co-star was quite adorable as well. I won't kid you, this film has some really harsh things in it (you've been warned), but there are also some very funny bits, and any Brendan Fehr fan should think about seeing it.
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Quick, read the first MirrorMask review before it's gone (Neil Gaiman said in his blog that he doesn't know how long it will be available). Gaiman and McKean are geniuses, and I can't wait to see this.
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So for the movie meme, we were supposed to pick twelve movies about which we have special feelings. These feelings manifested themselves as mainly, guffaws, laughter, and amusement. We're not much for the dark, angsty movies. We love the comedy.

Oh, plus, four of the five below count as 'gay' movies, and the Rock Hudson one is, well, a Rock Hudson/Doris Day movie. ;-)

Here are the ones people missed:

See the ones you didn't guess ... )
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Bunny helped me think these up. Her tendonitis is acting up, so that's why she's not posting it in her own journal.

1. Pick one dozen movies that are ones that you have special feelings about.
2. Pick a few lines of dialogue that mean something to you.
3. As people guess the film, strike out that entry.
4. If possible, after the film is guessed, explain why that movie made the list.

Gacked from [ profile] the_automatik and [ profile] itsabigrock.

First person listed chronologically in the comments with the right answer is the winner for any given movie.

Most quotes are not connected to one another, but are just highlights/favorite quotes from different places throughout a given movie. However, one or two movies have contiguous dialogue.

On to the meme! Guess the movies ... )


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