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This was described as a costume for dogs for Halloween, but it fit the cat (much to her chagrin).
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It doesn't spin, but it is round, and apparently comfy.

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Pretty wife!
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Pretty wife! Take 2

Ah, the bunny is looking lovely!

The food at this diner was horrible, but the company was LOVELY and also the decor was great (there was a lot of great CHICKEN kitsch).
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I wanted to scan in some more photos today, since today is Mother's Day, and this is the first mother's day since her passing last year.

My age in the photo: 9 months

What I like about this photo: my mother looks happy, I look happy, her yellow dress is adorable, and her haircut is horrible, with static electricity to boot. Also, the car seat has that uber-sturdy 1970 look to it. Huge, hard black plastic. I think car seats today look really different.

Also, we both have that patented genetically unavoidable Enormous Forehead.

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My Easter Bunny Outfit
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The chicken costume is no more. Now I dress as a bunny. BWAHAHAHA.

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Yellow Blooms
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Another "does anyone know what kind of tree this is?" post. I've seen it in bloom all around central Florida these past couple of weeks (not just at Epcot!) and I don't know what it is. It's beautiful, though. (Obviously you can get a better look at the blooms by clicking through to the bigger versions of the photo.)

In some of the other photos you can see me in my FABulous Minnie Mouse ears which I bought to keep the blazing sun out of my eyes. We had dinner at the Moroccan restaurant. Yum! After living here for almost nine months we've finally visited three of the four Disney parks. *mosey mosey*

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Yes, I managed to spill half the salmon on the floor yesterday, on the way from the baking sheet to the plate! Horror! And our cats are so anti-table-scraps that they didn't even bother trying to "rescue" the fish. Then, in my stress, I turned around and stepped in it, and the floor got all greasy and in need of mopping.

Granted, it was only the $11.99/lb salmon, not the wild $23.99/lb salmon. That would have made me weep. Still, it was very, very nice Whole Foods Salmon, and I cried on the inside. Then later, I laughed and laughed! Ha ha, silly chicken.

Other than that, I haven't been up to much lately other than taking giganamous quantities of pictures, mostly of the cats. Only because they are so eternally beautiful.

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Some people actually trim this fur between the toes. I would never do that -- it's just too pretty.

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Close-up on odd tree
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Please, can anyone tell me what kind of tree this is? I know it always gets these orange flowers on it in January, and I've only seen it down here in Florida. Thanks.

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Foot! (and Tail)
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Someone thought she was hiding, but I detected a rather obvious foot (& tail)!

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When my mother passed away, it was quite a shock to discover hidden pictures in her house, of relatives and ancestors she had always claimed not to care about, and Christmas cards from relatives she had always told us she did not know, and who wanted nothing to do with her.

Mah Family, Fresno, 1938
Originally uploaded by chickenofeathers.

I also found a lot of photographs of my father's relatives that I am sure he wants back, that were left behind in her house when he fled during the beginning of their separation/divorce.

I also found a booklet that she sent away for in the 1980's, from a distant cousin of hers, showing her mother's mother's branch of the family tree dating back to 1600's Virginia colonists!

I find all these photos fascinating because I had become accustomed to the idea of never knowing anything about my family. Now I know a lot more, and my father has started telling my sister and me lots of stories to go with the photos of his family. I've never had this kind of relationship with him before -- it feels good.

Meanwhile I have lots more scanning to do -- this is just a small sampling of the total number of photos we found!
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Tortie in Sun, 5 of 5
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This is the best picture of Jasmine, ever.

It's very difficult to catch torties in just the right light -- like black cats, they often end up looking like nothing but Eyes, or conversely their eyes are too often closed in pictures.

I'm clearly one of those people who put too many pictures of their cats in their blogs. So, so, sorry. BWAHAHA.

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I have the best wife ever! She took me out for Thai food on my birthday. I love you, Rabbit.

P.S., Forehead too huge! But shiny blue shirt.

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I used to scoff at people who dressed up their dogs in little outfits. Well, now I am an enormous hypocrite. I mean, they match the BED.

(And yes, sorry, I did not fix the pictures in Photoshop, I just slapped them up there. The light was too dim in that room, oh well.)

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They were far away outside my window and this is the best zoom I could do, so I hope you can make them out. Click on the photo to visit Flickr and go to "all sizes" to see the biggest version if you need to . I am really wondering what kind of large white birds are native to Florida. Anyone?
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Jasmine Conehead 2
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"Mommy, I'm going to start a new website called '', ok?"

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rabbit Mural 03
Originally uploaded by chickenofeathers.

I saw this mural on the wall at our new Dentist office. See the next post for a wider shot.
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rabbit Mural 01 Originally uploaded by chickenofeathers.

I saw this mural on the wall at our new Dentist office. Now *that* (hop, hop!) is something you don't normally see in such a setting.
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Did I mention that thanks to [ profile] kerri9494, we got our hands on a BK "Curse of the Were-Rabbit" merchandising junk? An awesome Bunvac 6000 toy, to be exact?

bunvac BK toy closeup


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