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Yep, I just heard it right from Biden. I am bewildered. Here I go feeling like a damn disenfranchised second-class citizen again. I think this might be why I liked Hillary Clinton, she was much more in favor of actual gay marriage, or at least that's what I gleaned from her online position statements a few months ago.

Palin's whole "I'm tolerent!" bullshit made me want to weep. I guess compared to some people on the right who actively want to kill us, she is, but holy cow, that's right up there with "some of my best friends are gay".
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Scott McClellan is Not My Hero. But. -- Canadian screenwriter Denis McGrath's latest blog has some very interesting points, particularly,

And what really has me fascinated, watching this story play out, is the denial and the somersaults you see media types going through to try and douse McClellan's most explosive point -- that the media haven't done their jobs. Not after 9/11, not in the leadup to the Iraq war, and not now.

I find that interesting because a few years ago I had to make a choice. I was supremely uncomfortable working in "journalism" or "factual", because everywhere I looked, I saw people clearly writing with bias and then denying that's what they were doing...I saw self-censorship because nobody wanted to be accused of being "typical left wing media," so the most ridiculous nosestretchers from the other side got free passes.


Nov. 8th, 2006 09:43 am
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The Good:
  • Katherine Harris loses in Florida!

  • Scott Randolph beats homophobe Sheri McInvale in local Florida election.

  • Deval Patrick wins gubernatorial race in MA

  • NO MORE RICK SANTORUM !!! You GO, Pennsylvania.

  • Virginia and Montana seem to be leaning toward the Democrats

  • In South Dakota, voters rejected a measure passed by the Legislature that would bar doctors from performing abortions except to prevent the death of pregnant women.

  • Arizona votes against an anti-gay marriage amendment

  • Democrats take control of the House.

  • No more Rick Santorum!!! Say it again, people.

The Bad:
  • Marilyn Musgrave, the homophobe, retains her Colorado seat in my hometown district

  • All the anti-gay marriage amendments pass in several states, including in Colorado

  • Charlie Crist, Republican, wins Florida gubernatorial race (but he is less conservative than Jeb Bush, e.g. he support stem cell research, so not ALL bad, plus you know, he isn't the President's brother)

  • The re-count in Virginia will take a long time (this might not be all bad)

  • Legalization of medical marijuana bills fail to pass in most states


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