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rabbit slippers

The photo was taken under poor lighting conditions. I could have fixed it a bit in Photoshop, but I'm too lazy. You get the point, though -- eyelashes and bunny teeth and nice pink ears and everything!

I must reiterate how difficult it is to actually find rabbit slippers. We've been looking for them for over a decade. I always wondered why everyone in movies seems to have them, and yet no stores actually sell them. Well, Filenes has finally broken the trend of "No Rabbit Slippers Sold Here". My jaw dropped when I saw that they had not one kind, but two kinds of rabbit slippers! A choice of rabbit slippers. Gobsmacked.

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First off, in Hobbit tradition, I gave presents to other people on my birthday. This gave me the best sense of happiness, actually. Seeing the look on my darling [ profile] bunnyohare's face when she got her long-wished-for Rabbit Slippers (pink!) was awesome. Plus, the plush monkey for my sister arrived in the mail today.

We also went out to dinner at the Tuscan Tavern in Warren (a town with a very rabbity name!), and then went to buy me an outfit for the Bunny's brother's wedding (which is in less than a week). I've gained forty (40!) pounds since I started on my thyroid medication a year ago, so of course none of my wedding-appropriate clothes fit me anymore.

Tonight she is making me a black forest cake, since yesterday we were way too full from dinner to even contemplate cake.

It was a wonderful birthday, and thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes.


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