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I just rented Straight-Jacket, in which Tom Lenk has a small, very funny role. Here are a few of the screencaps I did. The man in the blond wig is Jack Plotnick, who played Deputy Mayor Allan Finch in Season Three, and who is a good friend of Tom's. Jack has a substantial role in the film, but this is pretty much Tom's only scene.

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I laughed so hard. I hope you will, too. It is disturbing, yes, but also funny.

Like the "eaten by wild dogs" thing in the Bridget Jones movie, where they actually showed her being eaten, for a second.

As I have a free account and only have three icons, I will just put it here for you all to take and use if you want it:

Here it is for you to take and use:
quiznos wolf capture icon

This is the URL where you can view the whole thing:

This is a slightly bigger capture: (but grainy a bit?)

You can make your own better one if you want to, of course, or request that I send you the original capture. Or whatever. I know it is a bit too small, I should have done a slightly closer crop and/or upped the size a bit first. Lazy. Enjoy or ignore, whatever. :-)
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Three recent rentals.

Laurel Canyon

Kind of boring, could have been so much better. But Frances McDormand is wonderful as always. Her scenes were always the most interesting. I usually love Christian Bale's work, but not as much here. Kate Beckinsale did nothing for me. Still, the best of the three.

What A Girl Wants

Probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I'm prepared quite often to sit down with a teenage girl comedy flick and take it for what it is and enjoy it without too much embarrassment. Usually. But not this one. Colin Firth is a wonderful actor completely wasted on this part. The script, direction, and editing, and soundtrack were absolutely abysmal. The editing was particularly non-existent, leaving in scads of scenes that were redundant and laid everything on too thick while not being funny. The soundtrack was so heavy-handed I could feel the weight of the dead horse. The saddest thing was that I sat through the whole thing. NEVER see this movie. Run away.

Bringing Down the House

Tried too hard to be funny and so wasn't. Tried to satirize racism and failed to the point of being racist. Queen Latifah is fun and I find her sexy, but what a stupid movie. Eugene Levy was a bright spot, always manages to be funny. Plus, well, this:

Eugene Levy in Bringing Down the House
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I was doing some screencaps when I ran across this, which really spooked me:

Xander Covering His Twitching Eye

Buffy says something like "how come your eye twitches every time I say Faith's name?" and Xander responds that it doesn't, and Buffy says "Faith!". Xander's eye twitches immediately, and he covers it quickly, embarrassed, thinking about how he slept with Faith of course.

But see, it's the same eye. Gave me the creeps.


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