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Obviously don't click if you don't want to be spoiled, because I do mention some spoilers as well.

Well, we translated some of it, anyway... )
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So I just bought my copy of Serenity #1 (and I was good and patronized a local small business, The Time Capsule (Cranston, RI) instead of buying it online)!

I really like it a lot, but not having been a comics geek as a child (unlike [ profile] bunnyohare and her brothers), I was surprised at how short these damn things are. Just as you're getting into the story, it ends, and then they make you wait a whole month for the next issue! Ack. Surely those 1970s comics didn't come out a whole month apart.

I went online to and The Chinese Character Dictionary and translated all the Chinese in the comic. I'm having some trouble with the last part of Book's longish utterance circa page nine, though. If anyone else buys this and knows Chinese or has a friend who does, please let me know, because this is driving me crazy. I'm thinking of asking my sister and father for help if there's no one here who can.

I mean, I ended up with something ludicrous like "why must you look to me for hemp luminous?" which is SO not right.

Most of the phrases are short and easy (and one's been uttered on Firefly), but that long speech is driving me insane.


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