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As I said in a comment on someone else's journal, Veronica Mars made me feel stupid the other night. It's been so long between episodes, and SO long since season one, that I was all like, "wait, who's Troy again?" ACK! Can someone remind me? Duncan and Logan have totally blotted Troy out, in my mind.

Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat were awesome. Sweet guest casting indeed. I also like that Veronica kept embarrassing herself. Sometimes when she starts to seem too "together" she flubs up a bit, and it makes her cuter and more likable. Like, no darling, this is my real hair, not a wig! Oops!

chicken: (50. Veronica Mars)
I'm stupid, here, so help me out (spoilers for last week's episode)... )

chicken: (50. Veronica Mars)
Is it just me, or does anyone else notice that the Veronica Mars folks keep intentionally using South Park references? Last week, Butters, and this week, "I'm Super, thanks for asking!" Tee hee. It's not just South Park --there were a bunch of funny references to other shows scattered through the last couple of episodes that definitely made me chuckle.

I hope the ratings keep on going up & up, because this show is seriously good. There are more things in my mind, but I don't wanna be spoilery, so that's all for now.

UPDATE: The Smithers "Eeeexcellent" thing was hilarious, too.


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