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What this person said: Internet Explorer Makes Me ☹.

Just as for the users who commented on this guy's post, Microsoft's "One Font to Rule Them All" (Arial Unicode MS) doesn't quite do it for me. For example, it only contains 148 of the 194 characters in Latin-Extended-B (whereas Microsoft Sans Serif contains 179 of them, but it is a sadly ugly font). Of course, several of the necessary Romanian characters are not among those 148 characters.


Either IE7 needs to come out really soon, or people need to stop using IE6 and start using Firefox and Opera. Grrrrr. Because I'm tired of writing hacks into my code to accomodate this stupid browser.

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Two days ago I was diagnosed with a slipped/herniated/ruptured lumbar disk (via the usual symptoms including the telltale shooting pain down the sciatic nerve/right thigh, tingling and numbness in my right root, horrible pain in my right knee, and so on).

Even before I was diagnosed by the orthopedist, my regular doctor said to take 1800 mg of Ibuprofen per day, and on the seventh day, despite taking it with food, I got horrible stomach pains, so my doctor gave me a prescription for 40mg/day of omeprazole (Prilosec), to reduce the stomach acids. Of course the woman at the pharmacy informed me that my health insurance doesn't cover that particular medication, and I turn around and see that what I would have had to pay only $7 to get with my co-pay actually costs $27.99 over the counter.

HOLY COW. $27.99. Yeah, I can't afford that for a few little purple pills, but I also kept hearing my doctor's voice in my head saying, "he doesn't see the GI bleeders". Yes, my new orthopedist (to whom I was referred two days ago by my regular doctor) blithely said that the max. dose of Ibuprofen/day was 3200mg, whereas my regular doctor said 2400mg -- and when I asked my regular doctor to explain this discrepancy, she said, "that's because he doesn't see all the GI bleeders -- we see them all the time". Basically surgeons like this orthopedist don't take an enormous interest in anything but actual surgery.

AAAAAHH. Lovely.

Thankfully when I got home I found out my wife was smart and had saved the unused "sample" Prevacid boxes from when she had to take strong antibiotics! Such a smart, smart bunny. That's a similar enough drug, so that means I'm only a week or so short and in the meantime can probably have my doctor scare up some more samples or write a prescription for some other related medicine that United Healthcare does actually see fit to cover.


Jun. 9th, 2005 08:42 pm
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Just a quick note to apologize for not reading anyone's journal in the past week, much. Work has been kicking my ass this week and I've just been too busy to even eat lunch, let alone read livejournal during lunch. So, yeah. But I think my project is now good enough for the professor to demo at her conference tomorrow, so I am very relieved.

I hope everyone is fine.

Also, anyone on [ profile] brendon_daily -- I have no idea what day I said the contest was supposed to end, but I'll grade it maybe tomorrow because boy has this been a tough day. I hope the quiz was fun and not too hard -- fun is the whole point!

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When you are packing to move, do you ever reach the point of exhaustion at which you just want to throw up your hands and burn it all? The point at which your worldly possessions start to see more like an albatross around your neck than anything remotely precious? Where you just want to grab the cats and the Whedon DVDs and just run?

We packed ten boxes last night, and did a whole bunch of laundry, but it all just feels like the futile tip of the iceberg even after having done this same thing almost every night for the last week. There are only eight packing days left!

The good news is that we are done painting the new bathroom and bedroom (pink and yellow respectively -- we are such GIRLS). All that's left painting-wise is three more days of toil on the dining room (which will be primed and then painted a nice Peachy color).
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So I went to to order a prescription refill last night, planning to pick it up today. Fortunately I called them when I was halfway there, because they told me they could not give me more pills, because the ones from before were supposed to last until Nov. 11th. I patiently and carefully explained that the doctor said to take three at every meal, three times a day, and that I had carefully counted them out into one of those weekly pill organizers with several chambers for each day. They said they didn't care. They kept asking again and again what the date of purchase was on the bottle. I explained I didn't have the bottle with me. Because I had a pill organizer. But they said even if they did give me more pills now, the insurance would not cover it.

I patiently said that I had not spilled any, and had counted carefully. They were still all, "the insurance won't cover it". And I'm thinking, what, do they think I'm Narcin' Out? Don't they know that it is impossible to narc out on Propylthioracil? What would be the point? At most you'd make your thyroid problems a little worse. I mean, I'm sure they weren't *really* thinking that, but still -- one imagines that they assume the worst of everyone, given that some people are narcing out on prescription oxycontin or whatever the hell it's called, and dozens of other drugs. Better safe than sorry, I'm sure.

So I drove home to get the original prescription bottle, stormed over to the pharmacy, and showed them said bottle. And my pill organizer. "See right here on election day? I won't have any pills that day. See?" Finally they looked more closely at the prescription label and realized that some pharmacist last time had read "180 pills" as "100 pills" -- totally understandable, as in some fonts, the zero and the eight do look a bit similar. I mean, they didn't look similar to me, but whatever. So they gave me my 80 pills, and I counted them right there in the store before I left. And they didn't even charge me for it.

Basically, they ADMITTED that they made a mistake. BWAHhahaha.


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