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Today I gave my formal two weeks of notice at my job, accepted the new job in D.C., and am getting on a plane on Sunday evening to fly to Washington for a third time.

This is the apartment-hunting trip. Any natives or former residents of the city, with any last-minute advice, please chime in.

This is also where I apologize for not commenting on your posts, dear friends. I've just been so busy and stressed with the job interviews and all.

Today was indeed a very auspicious day. I love the people at my new job, am relieved about giving up the old one (and I know those last two weeks will be very difficult), and most of all excited about the new city and all the old friends there whom I miss so much.

Most of all I love my wife, Ms. [ profile] bunnyohare for being so brave and hard-working through this whole process.

The amount of excitement, fear, joy, adrenaline, crying, laughing, rollercoaster emotions is just killing me. Once we secure an apartment I will be able to more fully embrace the "joy" part.
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1.) My apologies again for not reading my friends page for about two or three weeks now. The job hunt is just draining as usual. If everything goes well I might actually have time some day soon, because ...

2.) I finally have a face-to-face interview, this coming Friday. I'm VERY excited and well, validated. Someone actually likes me. (Weird.)

3.) We saw "V for Vendetta" and "She's the Man" recently. Both quite good, in very different ways. Go see them! My top reason in both cases is because of casting. In the case of "V for Vendetta" for just about everyone in the cast (too many to mention, WOW casting). In the case of "She's the Man", I have to say David Cross was just hilarious. This is not a surprise to any of us who have been watching "Arrested Development", I know.

4.) Happy Easter! Bunnies! Chickens! Need I say more? Hop! Nibble. Bawk. Flap. :-)

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What this person said: Internet Explorer Makes Me ☹.

Just as for the users who commented on this guy's post, Microsoft's "One Font to Rule Them All" (Arial Unicode MS) doesn't quite do it for me. For example, it only contains 148 of the 194 characters in Latin-Extended-B (whereas Microsoft Sans Serif contains 179 of them, but it is a sadly ugly font). Of course, several of the necessary Romanian characters are not among those 148 characters.


Either IE7 needs to come out really soon, or people need to stop using IE6 and start using Firefox and Opera. Grrrrr. Because I'm tired of writing hacks into my code to accomodate this stupid browser.

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Usually I use BBEdit on my Mac to write code (PHP, Perl, HTML, whatnot). It's the most awesome editor ever.

However, today I am using a Win XP machine. I searched and searched for an editor that had some comparable features, first and foremost live editing of remote documents via SFTP. I couldn't get it to work in any of the editors recommended by other BBEdit users who sometimes have to use Win XP:


Finally I realized that my old standby from the last time I used Windows was the answer:


This is a really nice editor, and I highly recommend it to any Mac users who occasionally find themselves stuck in Windows land. It has many of the features I love about BBEdit: great syntax highlighting and code indentation, File Tree View, which is a thingy somewhat comparable to BBEdit's Document Drawer, live SFTP editing (although not quite as good as BBEdit's), HTML Validation, and many more nice features.


Jun. 9th, 2005 08:42 pm
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Just a quick note to apologize for not reading anyone's journal in the past week, much. Work has been kicking my ass this week and I've just been too busy to even eat lunch, let alone read livejournal during lunch. So, yeah. But I think my project is now good enough for the professor to demo at her conference tomorrow, so I am very relieved.

I hope everyone is fine.

Also, anyone on [ profile] brendon_daily -- I have no idea what day I said the contest was supposed to end, but I'll grade it maybe tomorrow because boy has this been a tough day. I hope the quiz was fun and not too hard -- fun is the whole point!



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