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For the last few weeks I've been eating a healthy diet. Lots and lots of vegetables, whole grains, omega-3 foods (esp. salmon), lean meats, tofu. I've been staying away from refined sugar.

Then came the cat getting diagnosed, and I kind of fell off the wagon. In fact, this morning I was so depressed I thought I would walk the two blocks (such easy temptation) to the Krispy Kreme and get some doughnuts.

When I got there it wasn't all new and shiny like the one on University, or the one back in Cranston. For some reason, the Winter Park Krispy Kreme is dingy and old and sad. Then there was the huge long line of customers, consisting mostly of smelly hairy construction workers (not the pretty kind). Lastly, the clerk up front seemed unable to work the register.

However, the HOT DOUGHNUTS sign was on, so I thought, "Hey, FREE doughnuts for depressed girl!"

Then my cell phone rang. It was the vet.

He told me that Jasmine did really well on the fluids over the last couple of days, and that her B.U.N. levels are down from 68 to 48 (35 is normal, but cats with advanced renal problems rarely go below 40, so 48 is really good). He also said she wouldn't need to start the at-home sub-cutaneous fluid injections for at least two weeks, maybe not for a whole month. All we have to do is bring her by in two weeks for a blood test to make sure the new diet is helping, and again in two more weeks to do another complete urine and blood panel.

I was so relieved I almost cried. Also, the "HOT DOUGHNUTS" sign had gone off, and the line still wasn't moving.

So I went across the street to Einstein Bagels and got something healthy and whole wheat to eat.

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We are very worried, one of our cats might have bladder stones, she is peeing a bit of blood and has to have an X-Ray today (the ultrasound was not conclusive). Please cross your paw-like digits for our Jasmine that it is just something that can be taken care of with a diet change, antibiotics, or some other non-invasive measure.


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