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Hello from Florida. Leaving Massachusetts and Rhode Island was difficult, mostly because the movers showed up 7.5 hours late, making me miss saying goodbye to my friends and co-workers, and generally making that entire day a horrible nightmare. Nonetheless, things got better after that (in spite of the bad traffic and weather in Connecticut).

We are settled in our new apartment, the cats are happy (see the Flickr pictures as evidence of this), and I have had three job interviews during the last week.

The weather isn't nearly as hot, humid, or thunderous as people feared/claimed/warned. It's really very lovely, actually, and gas only costs $2.79 a gallon. Of course, auto insurance is way more than in Massachusetts (but there is no automobile property tax, so it balances out).

I have skimmed back over my friends page and will try to read it more regularly from now on. I missed you all.
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We're leaving for Florida on Sat. th 24th of June. That is not enough time to pack!

In other news, we went to a relative's graduation party in Portsmouth, RI this weekend and saw some Balloon Animals in a field on the way there! Balloon cows, specifically. There was this group of cows, see, and right in the middle of the field there was a big bunch of balloons. I think they were having a party, too. MOOOOO! It wasn't nearly as funny as the beaver we saw a few weeks ago stealing donuts from Krispy Kreme, but still.

Any of you who live near Providence or Attleboro, who want free programming or mathematics books, speak up by tomorrow (I'll be freecycling them tomorrow). N.B.: Some of these books originally came with CDs, but I don't have those anymore, or they are already in sealed boxes.

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I know, you're thinking, "VHS? No way!" But these titles are not yet available on DVD. If you want any, say so, all you have to do is reimburse for shipping ..

Free VHS Tapes (Not Available on DVD!):

k.d. lang: Live in Sydney (1998)
k.d. lang: Harvest of Seven Years (Cropped and Chronicled)
Country's First Ladies: Featuring k.d. lang

Depeche Mode: Some Great Videos
Depeche Mode: Strange
Depeche Mode: Strange Too
Depeche Mode: Live in Hamburg

The Hoboken Chicken Emergency (the cover looks vaguely like this, only yellow where that one is blue).


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