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Both episodes seem to be based on two of the three Torchwood spin-off novels from last year, Border Princes in the case ot 2.05 "Adam" and Slow Decay in the case of 2.06 "Reset".

IMO "Adam" fails rather miserably at paying tribute to "Border Princes". This is a great pity as I thought that was the best of the three novels.

On the other hand, "Reset" is a much more enjoyable episode, and better-written than "Slow Decay". I admit I feel this way not just based on the writing but also on the presence of two very AWESOME guest stars. I won't say anymore here, but don't blame me if someone spoils you in the comments. :-)

Has anyone else read the spin-off novels? If so, discuss. If not -- discuss! (Perhaps I could be convinced that Adam is an interesting character in his own right, but it's hard for me to imagine this, with all the stuff from the novel stuck in my mind.)
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BBC America announces 'radical makeover' of programming, with the advent of a new 'head honcho'. Clearly they are finally determined to pull the channel out of the doldrums of 30-year-old shows like "Benny Hill", pensioners gardening and searching for antiques, and endless repeats of "Monarch of the Glen".

This includes a continuance of popular contemporary science fiction like "Life on Mars", "Hex" and "Doctor Who" as well as adding "Torchwood" to their line-up.



Jan. 2nd, 2007 11:01 pm
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I really didn't much care for some of the more trite plots early in the season, but these last two episodes have completely redeemed Russell T. Davies.

My goodness Torchwood is an amazing show.

Wait, let me revise that...

Torchwood is CRACK!

It seems to me that Torchwood is not just full of more sex & violence for being after the watershed (as compared to Doctor Who), but is also much more emotionally wrecking. Doctor Who can be scary sometimes, but it just isn't as affecting as this was (with the exception of the last episode of season two). Doctor Who has much more an edge of whimsy that keeps the show lighter.

Also, the fact I remained relatively unspoiled until around 11:00 am this morning was a really, really good thing.

P.S., John Barrowman is King of the World. Or should be.

P.P.S., if spoilers happen in the comments, you've been WARNED! Don't read other people's comments if you don't want to be spoiled. That's how I got spoiled this morning. It's apparently unavoidable.


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